WordConverterExe 1.7

WordConverterExe 1.7 converts Excel and Word documents into other formats (See all)

WordConverterExe 1.7 is a program which can be interesting for those MS Office users who need to make document conversions. From time to time, you can’t use the native format of Word or Excel for some reasons. That is why this program, which can convert those formats into TXT, HTML, RTF and many others, is very useful. It also has the reverse feature, i.e. the ability to convert a range of formats into Word or Excel formats. In case you need to convert a lot of files of same format this software can prevent you from wasting your time. Just choose any folder which contains the files to be converted and a folder where the converted files will be placed, and push the “Convert” button. The conversion doesn’t take long. WordConverterExe 1.7 doesn’t exact anything and doesn’t need a lot of system resources. But you need to have Microsoft Word and Excel installed on your computer to use it. Detailed help file will help you to find answers for all your questions about this software. The interface is extremely easy-to-use. So if you need a powerful tool for documents conversion, WordConverterExe 1.7 is a perfect choice for you.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Fast conversion
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Poor design
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